Why did we decide to make only Made in France?

For those of you who have been following the adventures of Doumi Paris since our inception, you may have noticed some changes, specifically a change in our product line. This is due to a change of production location.

Concerned about the environment, Doumi Paris favors French manufacturing in order to reduce the distance of transport and to decrease our CO2 emissions.

Our raw materials as well as our accessories are French, we choose noble and qualitative fabrics which last in time, and we encourage the development of our small French businesses.

The fact that we base all our production in France allows us to have the certainty that our products are not made by children, slaves, or exploited people.

Our small workshop based in Paris puts all its energy into creating unique quality pieces without the slightest defect. Our designer has worked with the most famous luxury houses.

We produce in small quantities to fight against industrial waste.

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